Radcliffe on Trent Golf Club

Venue for Autumn Meeting 2022


The Notts County Veteran Ladies Golf Association was formed in 1961. It was for ladies who had reached the age of 50 years and still enjoyed competitive golf. If you are interested in joining the Vets each club has a representative, the current joining fee is £2.00. We run a Spring and Autumn Meeting, which is open to all members, and there is an opportunity to represent the County in matches against Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

President 2022
Patricia Juffs Trent Lock Golf Club

I have played golf for 25 years, joining my late husband Brian at Trent Lock Golf Club in 1995. I quickly became a member of the Committee and have been Captain in 2003 and 2013, I joined the Nottinghamshire County Vets in the late 90’s and served as Captain in 2009.

Golf with the Vets has always been played in the very friendliest of atmospheres with good team-mates, many of which I’ve known for many years.

I now look forward to serving as your President, and meeting you all again next year on our beautiful courses.

Captain 2022
Di Sully Stanton on The Wolds

I played hockey for 40 years before turning to golf at Stanton on The Wolds Golf Club in 2003

My late husband even bought me some clubs but it was hockey that kept me running around. I have been on the committee at Stanton twice now and enjoy how the Ladies section works. Last year I joined the Vets committee and am proud to be the Captain in 2022.

Past Presidents

Year President Club Year President Club
1962-70Mrs. ElliottN1971-74Mrs. HarrisonWP
1975-78Mrs. TaylorSF1979-80Mrs. JamesCx
1981-82Mrs. AshmoreRu1983-84Mrs. ShanksRt
1985-86Mrs. MillwardBF1987-88Mrs. CresswellWP
1989-90Mrs. GreenCx1991-92Mrs. PerryCM
1993-94Mrs. ClarkeSF1995-96Mrs. SwainROT
1997-98Mrs. NicholN1999-20Mrs. WhiteCx
2001-2 Mrs. BainesSOW2003-4Mrs. DavidsonBF
2005-6 Mrs. KnightonSF2007-8Mrs. MairsCx
2009-10Mrs. GillottSOW2011-12Mrs. IckeBF
2013-14Mrs. BeeROT2015-16Mrs. JohnsonRt
2017-18Mrs. MatherNL2019-20 Sarah Mansfield N

Past Captains

Year Captain Club Year Captain Club
1961-2Mrs. FletcherWP1963-4Mrs. ReidSOW
1965-6Mrs. CauntRu1967-8Mrs. ParkesBF
1968-70Mrs. RobinsonWP1971-2Mrs. PrettyCM
1973-4Mrs. TateSF1975Mrs. DuttonN
1976Mrs. MarshNk1977Mrs. MatherSOW
1978Mrs. BowlerCx1979Mrs. GilbertNC
1980Mrs. WoodhouseROT1981Mrs. BostockWF
1982Mrs. WhittyBF1983Mrs. ClarkeSF
1984Mrs. O’SheaN1985Mrs. BradburyCM
1986Mrs. WhiteCx1987Mrs. StockhamROT
1988Mrs. HooleyRui1989Mrs. BrumheadNk
1990Mrs. EdmundsonNC1991Mrs. JohnsonRt
1992Mrs. MorleySOW1993Mrs. KnightonSF
1994Mrs. BeeROT1995Mrs. IckeBF
1996Mrs. SidebottomM1997Mrs. BainesSOW
1998Mrs. MasonROT1999Mrs. StevensonTN
2000Mrs. MaskreySF2001Mrs. MarshallWP
2002Mrs. BrookN2003Mrs. MairsCx
2004Mrs. GillottSOW2005Mrs. TernnantROT
2006Mrs. HowarthM2007Mrs. MatherN
2008Mrs. MansfieldTN2009Mrs. JuffsTL
2010Mrs. ScrubyNP2011Mrs. WoolleySF
2012Mrs. RampleyRG2013Mrs. AtkinSpW
2014Mrs. TrelfaTL2015Mrs. TongueRT
2016Mrs. BrightmanROT2017Ms. MaunderNP
2018Mrs. KynochN2019Pat FoxRT
2020Mrs. DeaconRG